Can I have a pool built for my home in the winter? Do cold temperatures affect pool design and build projects in Northern Virginia? 

Winter can be the ideal time to move forward with the dream pool design and build project you have been considering. No matter the type of pool you wish to add in your backyard, winter pool projects generally have several advantages over those done in the high season of spring and summer. Installing a pool in the winter generally means the cost of your pool project will be lower, the project will be completed quicker and most importantly, it will be completed prior to summer so you can enjoy it as soon as the warmer months arrive.

Of course, you can hire a pool builder or contractor to fulfill your pool install any time of the year. Generally-speaking however, fall and winter months are the times homeowners in Loudoun County see the lowest costs, since there is less demand than in the spring and summer months. Depending on weather, winter pool installs can be completed faster, as a result of lower demand as well.

If you are dreaming of enjoying a custom pool this spring and summer, contact our team of pool design and build experts today!

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